The core of DRIVE project consists in the realization of nine 3-day high-intensity training programs – three per Balkan country (North Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) – in which stakeholders involved in DRR of each country are brought together. Each of the trainings in each country will bring together institutional actors whose collaboration is deemed particularly necessary, e.g. private commercial entities and correctional facilities (to promote vocational training in prison), national and local policy-makers, community actors and probation services.

The program of the training will be built around the 6 pillars and will combine different learning

approaches as well as networking activities.

The training courses have the aim of

  • raising awareness and building knowledge and skills of stakeholders engaged with DRR;
  • facilitate networking among stakeholders and thus build inter-institutional trust, thereby facilitating collaboration.


In this section you can find

  • Tools and Policy Recommendation
  • Training programs
  • Activity sheets
  • Supporting documents